Non-Sugar White Almond Choco 250g

Non-Sugar White Almond Choco 250g

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Non-Sugar White Amond Chocolate
Non-Sugar White Almond Choco
It does not use sugars such as sugar, and is a non-sugar type of white almond chocolate, a popular product from children to adults.

The carefully roasted almonds are fragrant and moderately sweet with a crispy texture without using sugars such as sugar.
Enjoy a luxurious time with chocolate that condenses the smooth deliciousness into one grain! !!


Product name Non Sugar White Amond
●Name: Chocolate confectionery
Body width about 26 cm× height about 12 cm
●Raw materials
Amond (from USA), multitor, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cream powder, shellac/lecithin derived from soybean, fragrance
Some contain dairy ingredients, soybeans, and amond
Produced in the same equipment as products containing eggs and flour
●Nutritional Information
per 100g
Energy - 525kcal
Protein 11.1g
Fat 42.1g
Carbohydrate 42.3g
Salt equivalent 0.2g
- Contents 250g
● Expiration date: 180 days or more from the date of shipment
- Box size about 30 cm in length × 20 cm in width× height 2.2 cm
●Storage method Store in a cool, dark place with little moisture at a temperature of 26°C or less.

made in Japan
JAN Code 45894706307585

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